Best Worst Podcast, Episode Eight

Welcome to Best Worst Podcast, covering the best and worst of cinema.
Aside from referencing Michael Stephenson’s 2009 documentary on the Troll 2 phenomenon, the podcast’s name refers to
our love of and interest in discussing both the very best of challenging auteurist cinema and the very worst of Z-grade trash!

World Cinema Showcase 2012

This episode we are joined by guest podster Hugh Lilly (@insequential) and as a triumvirate go head-on into anticipatory World Cinema Showcase seizures. We discuss the 14 films we’ve already seen—via preview screenings and screeners, plus some at other festivals or countries—then wander through the films in the programme we’re dying to see, before rounding off with comments on a few films in cinemas now (or very soon) that are worthy of a wider audience than they may achieve.

Add scotch to taste, and enjoy.

Films discussed: Margaret; Our Idiot Brother; The Color Wheel; Das Boot; AutoluminescentThis Is Not A Film, and more.

Doug Dillaman is a musician, filmmaker and cinephile who spends his days working as a film & television video editor.

Jacob Powell is a cinephile who works as a ‘media librarian’ dealing with archiving & delivery of digital media and who moonlights as a freelance writer/film critic.

Hugh Lilly is a freelance film critic.