Best Worst Podcast, Episode Seven

Welcome to Best Worst Podcast, covering the best and worst of cinema.
Aside from referencing Michael Stephenson’s 2009 documentary on the Troll 2 phenomenon, the podcast’s name refers to
our love of and interest in discussing both the very best of challenging auteurist cinema and the very worst of Z-grade trash!

Fear, Shame, and Anger!

Doug & Jacob, returned before you’ve had a chance to readjust your brain from episode six, go to war against The Academy, each other, and fear itself! This episode includes:

  1. Fear! [start – 20 min.]
    We compare and contrast recent viewings of John Hough’s 1973 feature The Legend of the Hell House (Doug) and Ti West’s more recent (2009) creepy-house horror The House of the Devil (Jacob). Jacob shares an elongated anecdote of nightmares and vampires, and Doug espouses psychological theories about the horror genre and why Jacob should love it.
  2. Shame! [20 – 44 min.]
    CONtro-versy! Or is it Con-TROversy? We compare notes on our Shame viewing experience and quickly come to loggerheads. Nearly coherent arguments slowly but surely degenerate into finger-pointing and name-calling. The one thing we agree on? Michael Fassbender need not be ashamed.
  3. Anger! [44 min. – end]
    Venting abounds with the Oscars recently looming large in the cultural landscape. Doug gets his less-than-amorous view of these awards, and their impact, off of his chest whilst Jacob nods and says yes.

Add scotch to taste and enjoy.

Films discussed: The Legend of Hell House; The House of the Devil; Shame, and many more.

Doug Dillaman is a musician, filmmaker and cinephile who spends his days working as a film & television video editor.

Jacob Powell is a cinephile who works as a ‘media librarian’ dealing with archiving & delivery of digital media and who moonlights as a freelance writer/film critic.