Best Worst Podcast, Episode Six

Welcome to Best Worst Podcast, covering the best and worst of cinema.
Aside from referencing Michael Stephenson’s 2009 documentary on the Troll 2 phenomenon, the podcast’s name refers to
our love of and interest in discussing both the very best of challenging auteurist cinema and the very worst of Z-grade trash!

Top 5s & Tarkovsky-to-Christiano

Doug & Jacob unleash their unfashionably late ‘top five cinematic experiences of 2011’ lists upon you, the unsuspecting listenership, and engage in discussion upon the spiritual themes of two cinematic greats: Andrei Tarkovsky and Rich Christiano! We know. And if you don’t, by the far away end of this episode you certainly will.

Add scotch to taste, and enjoy.

Films discussed: True Grit (2011); Meek’s Cutoff; Martha Marcy May Marlene; Melancholia; The White Meadows; Aita, and more.

Doug Dillaman is a musician, filmmaker and cinephile who spends his days working as a film & television video editor.

Jacob Powell is a cinephile who works as a ‘media librarian’ dealing with archiving & delivery of digital media and who moonlights as a freelance writer/film critic.