Best Worst Podcast, Episode Four

Welcome to Best Worst Podcast, covering the best and worst of cinema.
Aside from referencing Michael Stephenson’s 2009 documentary on the Troll 2 phenomenon, the podcast’s name refers to
our love of and interest in discussing both the very best of challenging auteurist cinema and the very worst of Z-grade trash!

The Return

  1. “Doug’s Fantastic Voyage” [start – 18 min.]

    Jacob grills Doug on the pleasures of Fantastic Fest (Sept. 2011 in Austin, Texas) and the New York Film Festival (Oct. 2011 in NYC, New York).

    FF films discussed:: Beyond The Black Rainbow, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Clown, A Boy and His Samurai, Rabies.
    NYFF films discussed: Captricious Young Man, A Dangerous Method; plus ‘Views from the Avant-Garde’ Festival.

  2. “Big Screen vs. Small Screen” [18 min. – 29 min.]

    Jacob talks Shane Meadows’ This is England ’86 and the transition of the story from film to TV, then we discuss the future of film and television.

  3. “Overdrive” [30 min. – end]

    We unpack our shifting feelings toward Refn’s compelling Gosling led L.A. noir piece Drive.

Doug Dillaman is a musician, filmmaker and cinephile who spends his days working as a film & television video editor.

Jacob Powell is a cinephile who works as a ‘media librarian’ dealing with archiving & delivery of digital media and who moonlights as a freelance writer/film critic.