An homage to “the no-reason,” helpfully elucidated upon in the film’s tantalising opening scene, the first feature-length film by French d.j. Quentin Dupieux is a very meta horror film about a homicidal car tyre with psycho-kinetic powers who ends his victims’ lives by quivering in their general direction. Robert, our deranged synthetic rubber protagonist, lays dormant in the California desert, baking in the sun. The film tells us his story, such as it is, at the same time as we’re shown another audience, armed with binoculars, who also watch his exploits. It’s best to go in to the film knowing not much more than what I’ve just explained, so I’ll not go any further—but suffice it to say that this is offbeat, truly inventive cinema at its best (and don’t worry, it’s really not all that gruesome). Plus, at only 85 minutes, it’s not exactly a time-consuming watch.

Rubber is out now on DVD through Madman.

A selection of the film’s trailers (teasers & theatrical) are included as bonus features.