Unmade Beds

The third feature from Argentinean director Alexis dos Santos is exactly as lazy as its title implies. Although it’s a step up from the tedious naïveté of his 2006 film Glue, the film still leaves the viewer wanting something—anything—more, especially in terms of character development. The film follows a frizzy-haired aimless dude in his early ’20s as he manoeuvres through London’s art-world underground, clubbing, drinking, doing drugs and crashing at various squatters’ flats at night—and trying to find his estranged father by day. He encounters a handful of Manix Pixie Dream Girls (Wikipedia it) and art-school dropouts/wannabe artistes. It’s kinda like Skins but with less melodrama and much less actual sex/masturbation. Like Glue, it basically goes nowhere—and not in the way Lost in Translation goes “nowhere,” but in the bad literally nothing is happening to this protagonist way. I don’t like it when people call films boring—it’s quite often a lazy way of saying they didn’t try hard enough to understand the filmmakers’ intentions; that they essentially just didn’t “get” what the film was trying to do—but this really is just a mind-numbing waste of time. Go watch an episode or three of Freaks & Geeks instead.