DVD Review: Gentlemen Broncos

Despite what some critics might think (I’m looking at you, David Edelstein), the fourth feature film from Mormon filmmaker Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) is an utter disaster. The story follows a complete loser (Michael Angarano, Snow Angels) who thinks he can write sci-fi stories. He goes to a writers’ convention where a noted sci-fi author (Jemaine Clement), who also can’t write, steals one of his manuscripts and passes it off as his own. Deliberately ‘oddball’ characters abound, including the kid’s mother, played by Jennifer Coolidge (a.k.a Stiffler’s Mom), and one who seems like he wandered over from the set of Hess’ previous filmic catastrophe, Nacho Libre. The most egregious stretches of the film are those which involve a constipated-looking Sam Rockwell attempting to illustrate sections of the stolen sci-fi story; these scenes, like much of the film, practically beg to be skipped.