NZIFF ’10: How I Ended This Summer (Как я провёл этим летом)

nziff ’10: How I Ended This Summer (Как я провёл этим летом)
Dir. Aleksei Popogrebsky | Russia | 2010 | 124 mins.

Set in a remote weather station on a polar island in the Arctic Circle, this film follows two men—one a seasoned meteorologist, the other a recent college graduate serving a sort of internship—and revolves around the complexities that arise from the mingling of their personal and professional lives. Undelivered messages, half-truths and lies as fatal as the icy climes that ensconce the isolated island abound; the film, which is brilliantly composed, has something of a Tarkovskian feel to it—though it’s not quite slow-moving enough to warrant a direct comparison.

How I Ended This Summer may be re-released at Rialto and similar cinemas but will probably be relegated to DVD next year.