Mitchell & Webb: Series Two

David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s BAFTA-winning sketch comedy show continues in the same brilliantly absurdist mode in which it began, occasionally going to the very limits of taste and decency. The six half-hour episodes feature recurring skits focussed on everything from ‘Numberwang’—surely the greatest fictional game show ever imagined—to jokes about the naming of New South Wales and Virginia—and two lazy British TV writers making an American courtroom drama called Speedo: an unknowing mash up of House and That Guy’s faux reality show Speedo Cops. There’s also the uncouth cider-guzzling alcoholic Sir Digsby Chicken Ceasar—who is more street bum than private eye—and a behind-the-scenes look at a movie about cricket being made by people who had never heard of the game before. Includes a second disc with a short behind the scenes segment and various outtakes.


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