Top Blogs for Film Lovers

featured image Top Blogs for Film Lovers - Top Blogs for Film Lovers

Blogs are excellent sources of fresh and interesting information regarding any topic and film is no exception. Cinefile presents to you the top blogs that every film lover should check out and follow, for their high-quality features and their friendly approach to different topics.

Rotten Tomatoes

This blog is the best one out there when it comes to movie reviews. They take all the reviews from many trusted critics’ and rate moves on a scale of fresh to rotten. If you want to add your reviews and thoughts about a movie, Rotten Tomatoes is the right blog to go to. Many people will read your review and you get to read theirs too.


A blog that provides its readers with interesting details and scoops about films, which sets them apart from other film blogs. Also, they have a lot of behind-the-scene features, taking readers by the hand and into the world of film making.

You can find them on Facebook and YouTube if you want to follow their social media closely.

Dark Horizons

For a blog free from all the celebrity-related drama, you just have to go with Dark Horizons. They have been online for over two decades, uploading posts that talk about the film industry and the news and facts around it.

Although this might come across as too somber, you will find that their reviews are some of the most trustworthy out there today.

Movie Pilot

We like this site because it is community-based, as their posts are mostly written by their readers. This creates a system that keeps the blog fresh with different points of view and different topics to read about.

There are more than 30 million people involved in the Movie Pilot community and they all write their sincere thoughts regarding films.


There is such a thing as geek culture. This genre includes cinema, art, and gaming which is every geeks’ recreation of choice. The offerings here are those which have the greatest popularity and appeal to geeks.

This specialized approach has resulted in great success for this site with over one million users every month.

Cinefile is for film lovers by film lovers and we are part of an online community of blogs and magazines, all working together to give you a complete experience. Checking these blogs means you are never going to miss where the most recent scoops are to be found.