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If you enjoy our magazine’s articles, then you will love what we have to offer our subscribers. Although many of our articles are available for free, the most outstanding ones are for subscribers only.

These include last-minute news and the latest advancements made in the film industry. We also have some additional features and incentives for subscribers.

Cinefile Subscription Packages

For our magazine, we have created three packages at different prices and each with assorted features on them. The most affordable package is a weekly subscription of $2, but during that week you will be able to access limited offers and even raffles for movie tickets. The advantage with this package is there are no commitments and it’s only one payment.

Our Cinephile on Cinefile package comes at a monthly fee of $5 and you will be able to enjoy everything the affordable package offers, plus some other features and promotions. For subscribers of this package, we have raffles and contests offering prizes like Cinefile hoodies and baseball caps, coffee mugs, and tickets to film and art events.

Our VIP Cinephiles on Cinefile package stands at an annual fee of $30 and it comes filled with all the other package’s goodies and additional ones. For our VIP subscribers, we organize big raffles and competitions, as we have some VIP tickets available for events and even movie premiers.

Subscribe to Cinefile and start enjoying the advantages of any subscription package you choose. All you have to do is send us an email to the address on our Keep in Touch page, detailing what package you would like to subscribe to. We will answer with the information for payment methods, terms and conditions.