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Cinefile derives from Cinephilia, a term used to refer to a passionate interest in films, film theory, and film criticism. The term is a blending of the words cinema and philia, one of the four ancient Greek words for love. Yes, we love our films with a passion and love to share this passion with you.

Cinefile is a digital magazine dedicated to publishing articles and reviews related to the art and film industries. You can find everything from the best movies to reviews about events and individuals, as this magazine’s writing team makes an effort to stay on top of new topics.

Our Writers

Our writers are people just like you, with jobs, careers, and lives. Our founder, Kai Bayley is an enrollment specialist, but that hasn’t kept her from writing about films. No matter how varied our lives, we have one thing in common; a passion for all things cinema and art.

Our love of film comes through in our writing as we discuss the various categories such as Dramedy, SciFi, Horror, in fact, every genre and category. We write it all for Cinefile, sharing our reviews and insights with our thousands of readers worldwide.

Our Readers

Growing our reader base is our mission and we keep changing and adjusting the way our magazine is set up to make it increasingly appealing to you, our loyal subscribers. While it is sometimes challenging to retain familiarity we are always finding better ways to grab our readers’ attention and satisfy their curiosity about everything cinema and art.

We think of our subscribers as partners in creativity. To this end, the excellent feedback received from our avid and knowledgeable readers is a boon. With your input, we improve our magazine from page layouts to content and style.

This allows us to keep expanding our reach and writing better quality articles. Here at Cinefile, you are more than just a reader, you help make us better.

Cinefile is About the Passion we Share

Some of our avid readers have even submitted articles that they have written themselves. With so many opinions and tastes in the world of film, they are welcome additions. While our editors have the final say and space limitations determine how many we can include, we encourage our loyal subscribers to submit reviews and join in the fun.

This proactive approach to developing our magazine has created an atmosphere of camaraderie with our readers and some have even commented on how much they enjoy feeling involved as partners and friends.

We’d love to have you join us here at Cinefile and share in our passion for the fine arts of the cinema.