4 Best Film and Art Events in 2020

In 2020, art is in all its glory. The artistic talent exhibitions will be promoted this year from New York to Paris, Madrid, and even Oxford. Prepare your tickets to travel to these places and absorb all that art has for you in 2020, which by its numbers represents a well-focused vision.

Raphael’s 500th anniversary of his death – London, Milan, Washington

This year, 500 years have passed since the premature death of the Renaissance grandmaster Raphael, who died at the age of 37 in 1520.

In the National Gallery of London, there will be a large-scale retrospective, while in the Ambrosiana Veneranda Library in Milan there will be a more trivial yet revealing presentation; a preserved high school cartoon from 1509 of the artist’s most iconic work.

An exhibition of the extraordinary prints and drawings of Raphael and his contemporaries will be held at the National Gallery of Arts in Washington, DC, honouring this iconic artist and creator of images.

Artemis Gentileschi – The National Gallery of London

The National Gallery of London will host an exhibition in April of the pioneering female artist Artemis Gentileschi who was a wonderful Italian Baroque painter.

Gentileschi was resourceful and became the first woman to be admitted to the prestigious academy of design art in Florence as a member and artist. Her specialty was allegorical scenes and innovative self-portraits.

Rembrandt van Rijn – Ashmolean Museum

The extraordinary art of Rembrandt van Rijn will be exhibited for the first time at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford in England. Rembrandt is admired by all Dutch masters and inspired artists for his unique style in fresh self-portraits in the 1620s.

The Arc de Triomphe will be covered by 25,000 square meters of ghostly blue polypropylene fabric girt around 7000 meters of scarlet rope for 16 days. The iconic monument will be transformed into something rare and extravagant that you cannot miss.

Felix Féneon – New York Arts Museum

At the end of March, the New York Arts Museum will present a fascinating exhibition of critical artist and declared anarchist Felix Féneon. With more than 150 works that demonstrate modernism in post-pressed art, Felix helped fly modern sensitivities and was also precursor and inspiration for “neo-expressionism”.

A single trip will not be enough to see and inspire in so many art wonders exposed this year all over the world. Buy tickets now and exploit your imagination just as if you were playing slots at Visit Vegas.

Author: cinefile.net.nz